Sales Training Programs


Classroom Training               Field Training

Classroom training will observe the sales process per individual.                  Field training that consists of the following


1.  Critiquing presentation skills to find their conditioning and correct it.         1. Observing presentation skills.

2.  Listening to sales language, both positive and negative.                           2.  Listening skills

3.  Reviewing each phase of the sales process.                                             3.  Questioning techniques

4.  Learning about negative words and the impact they have.                        4.  Handling objections

5.  The conditioning sales people have and how to recognize it.                    5.  Selling language

6.  Demonstrating sales language both positive and negative.                       6.  Conditioning

7.  Recognizing why sales people create objections.                                      7.  Attitude

8.  Listening for negative words customers use to control the sale.                8.  Professionalism

9.  Why and how sales people cause lost sales.                                             9.  Customer service importance

10. Learning how to control and use the right language.                                10. Critiquing the sales process

11. How to ask the right questions to direct the sale.                                      11. Who has control of the sale

12. How to eliminate objections before they become objections.                    12. Who's directing the sale



It's all in the words you use. Whether positive or negative the words you use have a direct impact on the sales process. 

We need to learn to use words that greatly affect the out-come we want in order to generate sales.

What is most critical in this process is being aware and recognizing what we're saying and how we want the customer to interpret are meaning. If you do not, the likely hood of losing the sale becomes more evident.

In my years of shopping sales people I have found them to be incredibly conditioned in bad language, bad habits and they don't even realize it. Further more neither the customer nor the sales person can recognize what is happening and why.  

Sales people don't realize that what they say and how they say it, causes an abundance of lost sales, put-offs, cancellations, confusion, heart ach and lost income. 

Sales creates and action and a re-action based on language. One major problem is who is trying to control the sale and who gets defensive.



How much turnover you have in your business can be the result of bad language that needs to be changed.

"It's All In The Words You Use"!