Hello my name is Neil Carlson, I've been in sales for over 40 years. I have spent most of my time finding out about people and why people say and do what they say and do that causes lost sales.  

In the course of my research I've spent an enormous amount of time shopping sales people to find out what they're saying that

is causing them to give customers reasons to say no.

I worked for a major cemetery and funeral company.  I achieved sales manager of the year in my first year.

While in the insurance industry achieved the position as the number 8th insurance agent of all agents hired that year in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Canal Zone.

While in the retail industry, in my first year, promoted to sales manager. Taken a store from 101st from the bottom and brought it up to number 11th from the top position in 6.5 months.

I attribute all my successes in my ability to look and listen to sales people and consumers alike and how they interact in conversation as well as why sales people give customers reasons not to buy their products or services and how they're training onsumers.

I have door knocked over 40,000 doors in both insurance and cemetery sales.

I've trained hundreds of sales people in insurance sales, retail sales, educational sales and cemetery and funeral sales.

I've conducted sales training classes in adult education, real estate sales, insurance sales, cemetery sales and numerous other sales fields.

I have taught Psychological Selling, Sales Conditioning, Listening Skills, Questioning Techniques, Prospecting Skills, Sales Language

Training. Who Creates Objections and Why?

I have written articles for Salesman's Magazine, Sales Management Magazine, Real Estate Magazine, The Baxandall Magazine, The Creative Service Magazine, Tele-Professional Magazine and The ICCFA Magazine. I've done workshops for ICCFA.

Most important of all. I train sales people in all kinds of sales languages and how to prevent lost sales as well as how to learn about your conditioning and how to change your their conditioning to a more positive way to generate sales.